I got hit by a squirrel.


If you want to know what I think about this whole reddit experience - NOT BAD!

Kobo Offers Independent Bookstores Ebook Revenue Share

From The Next Web:

"Kobo has today announced a deal with the American Booksellers Association that will see its devices sold through independent bookstores across the US. Not only that, it will offer a revenue share deal on ebook sales."

Twitter doesn’t want you. The nerds, the tinkerers, the hackers, the people who build something from nothing - you are not Twitter’s demographic.

— Very good read, looking hard at Twitter’s recent changes.

Curious Rat - Home - Twitter Doesn’t Want You

Doctor Who goes back in time to beat TV pirates

In what’s a refreshingly simplistic take on beating piracy, Aussie public broadcaster ABC is to stream the latest Dr Who for audiences down-under almost immediately after it airs in the UK.

They hope doing so will mean impatient fans driven to piracy will watch it legally online instead - after all, they’re just desperate to see the show.

The programme will air on Australian TV a week or so later.

Everyday a Monday out here.

A collection of heart-breaking letters home from Cyrus Thatcher, killed in action while serving in Afghanistan. Aged 19.

'Hello mum, this is going to be hard for you to read …' - Home News - UK - The Independent